Frequently Asked Questions

throtl® is a small team of experts committed to revolutionizing the auto marketplace. We believe that buying and selling cars and parts should be easy, fun, and affordable. Built by enthusiasts, for everyone, throtl's unique marketplace is built from scratch, with you, the end user, in mind. We hope you enjoy your experience, and thank you for being a part of Accelerating the Automotive Marketplace.
throtl is currently in the earlier stages of development (often called beta.) In beta, new features are added regularly, bugs are discovered and fixed, and the overall functionality of the product is tested. Please use the feedback form and submit any questions, comments or suggestions. After all, we are building throtl for you!
The item you clicked on is not available in the throtl Marketplace, but is available somewhere else on the web. One of the key features of throtl is we search specialized and niche automotive forums to find the unique parts you are looking for.
Simply contact the user who listed the item. Most of the time, users put their contact information in the body of the posting, but if not, sign up with the forum.
Sign up for throtl by using the Sign Up link. Make sure you are logged in, and click on "Sell" in the navigation bar.
Using throtl’s basic features are totally free. We think you’ll like it, too. It's much easier to post an item than most of the other auto marketplaces. However, there are ways to make your listing stand out from the crowd, like featured listings. From time to time, we do give away free featured listings, and we are especially fond of our throtl VIPs (hint, hint.)
Featured listings sell faster and are more likely to sell. Featured listings are sorted on top of other listings. The listing is larger and displayed to stand out. Featured listings display on the home page. Featured listings are sent to throtl users through email. Each featured listing lasts for 30 days.
throtl VIP members get access to all the good stuff! For more information click here.
Contact us using the support email here and we’ll get our brains on it.