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How it Works

1 credit = 1 part   Brake credit 8af3fae4f673eb3d264df289df7e4abd540187bac6ce41536d52a57b681504d3 Alloy wheel black 2e627362442cc18ca3aa652fd0dc02e2ceb2277b5a7f7a2a260dbbd7e5c4aa48
15 credits = 1 car   Car credit 3b58198f1f441562087035e811f8fc403af0af8fd46a3b8ec573036f0ea09006
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Individual Credits

{{ prices.token.single | currency }} for each credit

Each credit is equal to one part listing!

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Stage 1


NOW {{ prices.token.stage_1 | currency }}

For the "car guy" who's looking to make some extra cash.

15 Part Listings
1 Car Listing

(15 credits for only {{ prices.token.stage_1 / 15 | currency }}/credit)
Car white 002ff6302abe27effa17864fcfae67e5226e9157f8999f0ee3babd9f6fc9f7ad

Stage 2

Car Junkie

NOW {{ prices.token.stage_2 | currency }}

Comes with enough credits to clean up the whole garage!

60 Part Listings
4 Car Listings

(60 credits for only {{ prices.token.stage_2 / 60 | currency }}/credit)
Cars white 406ff57eb8c7c01355224aa1269b66cfaad204aaccb9ab198fe966c918c244fc Car wheel white c7c8ffe774117450061eedf813f414ddc9d4d70f8c1833767d3fcd77fb28f8ee

Stage 3

Auto Addict

NOW {{ prices.token.stage_3 | currency }}

Whoa, you must have a TON to unload!

175 Part Listings
11 Car Listings

(175 credits for only {{ prices.token.stage_3 / 175 | currency }}/credit)

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